Quality Guarantee

The IDA Foundation Quality Guarantee

Health providers and care givers should be able to rely on the quality of the products they give to their patients.

IDA Foundation Quality Assurance System

Our quality assurance system is based on risk assessment of production sites, product dossier, past performance and safety and efficacy of the product. After a manufacturing site (due to the fact that manufacture can produce the same product on different sites resulting in different qualities) and a specific product have been approved according to high European/American Standards., IDA Foundation subjects them to a continuous verification and monitoring process 

This thorough process guarantees that IDA Foundation will never supply substandard products. Besides, our customers never risk buying counterfeit medicines. To ensure that the quality standards are met according to agreed requirements, IDA Foundation’s Quality Affairs department is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assessment of dossiers of each product to assure safety and efficacy
  • Design comprehensive labels and leaflets meeting international standards
  • Inspect and test batches before release

Further, the quality department consists of two specialized independent teams:

  1. Internal and external auditors
  2. Regulatory affairs specialist handling registration of IDA Foundation products

IDA Foundation is certified for Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distribution Practice, ISO 9001:2008. This means, amongst other things, that all procedures are documented.

For more information see the IDA Foundation website at: https://www.idafoundation.org/quality

Comprehensive IDA Foundation Quality System

Built on almost 50 years of experience and expertise, IDA Foundation’s quality assurance system spans the entire supply chain - from the manufacturing of raw materials to the delivery products to customers. The products (IDA-labelled as well as non-labelled) we supply at IDA Pacific are approved based on IDA Foundation’s quality system including risk assessment of production sites, review of product dossiers, and evaluation of a product’s past performance, safety, and efficacy. For more information on IDA's quality assurance, certifications and registrations please visit their website

For more information see the IDA Foundation website at: https://www.idafoundation.org/quality