Frequently Asked Questions


Implementing partner for international NGO’s and local governments enabling them to realize their objectives on health projects. IDA Foundation offers:

  • Logistic solutions
  • IDA Foundation’s Quality assurance
  • Stocking essential medicines and medical goods
  • Strategically selected to address health priorities in the region
  • Stock locally available and with a shorter lead time
  • Lower minimum order quantities (MOQs)

IDA Foundation’s certification and accreditation
For more information on IDA’s certifications and registrations please visit the IDA Foundation website

The pacific region.

We can offer IDA Foundation products at affordable prices because IDA Foundation stands for:

  • Not-for-profit handling fees
  • Generic products when possible
  • Most suitable and cost-effective supply chain model
  • Purchasing power due to aggregated volume
  • Negotiation leverage through more than one source for key products
  • Strategic local presence
  • Transparency in pricing
  • Strategic contracts with forwarding agents

As a certified agent and distributor of IDA Foundation that represents:

  • Complete product range
  • 750 pharmaceutical products available from stock
  • Direct shipments from manufacturer
  • Manufacturers/suppliers selected and rated according to quality, price, and lead times
  • Flexible supply models, from one-stop-shop to complete supply chain management: adapted following customer needs